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Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce!

At the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce (DEBCC), we are driven to do our part in changing the economic footprint for small businesses in the First State and beyond.  The Chamber remains a solid voice for the Black business community while continuously refocusing its efforts to meet the ever changing needs of its members

It’s more than a business as usual membership organization. It’s the best friend and partner of its members, working exclusively on their behalf and providing the assistance and support they need. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our members.

The Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce
NBCC’s Best Chamber of the Year 2023

The National Black Chamber is immensely proud to present the Best Chamber of the Year 2023 award to the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce. Its dedication, meaningful impact, and commitment to empowering Black businesses have set new standards within the chamber community. This recognition symbolizes the DEBCC’s exceptional abilities and their remarkable contributions to the business world in general, and particularly to Delaware’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Why We Do This For Your Business

Since Black consumers and businesses are often overlooked or marginalized, the DEBCC serves as a mechanism for communication, program creation, and strategic implementation of resolutions that address the economic disparities of Delaware’s Black business enterprises.

Turning Interest Into Action

We will commit our resources of people, time, information and capital toward providing opportunities that create wealth and equity within our communities. We look forward to representing the interests and advocating on the behalf of our members throughout Delaware from the heart of Wilmington, down the bustling streets of Dover, to the shores of Rehoboth Beach.

The Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a part of Community Navigator Pilot Program, powered by the Delaware SBDC.

“Funded in part through a grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration.”

Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce’s Vision, Mission and Purpose

The vision of the DEBCC is to serve the needs of Black owned businesses and provide economic opportunity and support to them as well as the communities they serve. We strive to leave our footprint in the sand of Delaware’s business landscape and forge a path that leads to a steady flow of resources beneficial to our business members through relationships, partnerships and apprenticeships.
Our mission is to support the initiatives of Black business owners and foster an enterprise that focuses on success and viability. We endeavor to create awareness and visibility of our efforts at local, state, and federal levels through advocacy. We strive to provide access to education and training that keeps Black business owners in step with the ever changing requirements of Delaware’s economic playing field.
Our purpose is to strengthen our role as a vital hub for connecting Black business owners and entrepreneurs with the resources needed to assist them in growing their enterprise and creating new economic opportunities and job growth all throughout the First State.

Together We Are Stronger

Our mutual goal is to enable Black businesses to compete in Delaware. DEBCC works to ensure that minority and other disadvantaged entrepreneurs are not left behind due to unfair assumptions and a lack of effort to help them achieve success. Together, we can provide the necessary assistance and support system and instill a sense of pride in the Black business community.

DEBCC Programs, Events and Opportunities

DEBCC has programs, events and opportunities that connect big businesses to small businesses; honor leadership; provide social networking; offer information, training and education tailored to today’s marketplace.

Fundraise on behalf of community, civic and youth efforts and celebrate our unity.

DEBCC Business Series

The DEBCC plans to launch an Entrepreneurship Development Program to provide individual participants with knowledge necessary to start a successful business enterprise or grow an existing small business to a larger enterprise.

Benefit of Membership

The Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce (DEBCC), invites you to join our organization because you are an important asset to the business community in Delaware, and we are confident that your membership with the DEBCC will be of great benefit to you and your organization.

The DEBCC is dedicated to the business development and economic empowerment of the Delaware economy, particularly the African American communities throughout the State of Delaware, via entrepreneurship utilizing educational models, shared best practices, business resources and technical assistance.

Throughout each year, we will host a variety of networking events and programs; providing a forum in which to conduct business and exchange information. This means further growth opportunities for your business.

What Our Members are Saying:

“DEBCC provides black business owners with the necessary knowledge and resources that ensures that their businesses thrive.” – Vanessa Gillis, M&T Bank.

“We joined DEBCC because we share an equal vision and a symbiotic relationship concerning our mission to employ the underserved business community.” – Kim Rice, H3.

SCORE – Delaware

Founded in 1964, SCORE has helped more than 8.0 million small businesses live the dream of becoming viable operating entities. Delaware SCORE is dedicated to educating aspiring and existing small business entrepreneurs to realize and achieve their goals of establishing, growing and sustaining a small business. It provides free of cost confidential business mentoring in such areas as business planning, marketing strategy, financial management and competitor analysis.

Our Team

Ayanna Khan, CE0

Ayanna Khan
Founder, President & CEO.

André Dixon
DEBCC Membership Coordinator

Zakari Knight
Administrative Support

Susan Denham
Administrative Assistant

Earl T. Jeter

Board of Directors

Jason Rodriguez 
-Chairman of the Board-
Prominent Insurance Services

Brenné Shepperson 

H. Adam Ahmad
Barclays Bank US

Vanessa Wright
M&T Bank

Michelle Taylor 
United Way of Delaware

Kim Rice 
Humanitarian Helping Hand H3

Chavonya N. Reddick
Del-One Federal Credit Union

Our Advisory Board

Randall Dobbins 
Dobbins International, INC

Patrick McDevitt
Outsourced Development Services

Carl Colantuono 
Salvation Army (Retired)

Walter R. McEwen, Jr


Would you like to work for The Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce (DEBCC)?

The DEBCC is dedicated to the business development and economic empowerment of the Delaware economy, particularly the African American communities throughout the State of Delaware, via entrepreneurship utilizing educational models, shared best practices, business resources and technical assistance.

We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to help us empower local entrepreneurs and business owners to be successful.

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