What is the Delaware Chamber of Commerce (DEBCC)?2020-10-20T09:35:18-04:00

The DEBCC is here to serve the needs of minority-owned businesses and provide economic opportunity and support to them as well as the communities they serve. We strive to leave our footprint in the sand of Delaware’s business landscape and forge a path that leads to a steady flow of resources beneficial to our business members through relationships, partnerships and apprenticeships.

What is DEBCC’s Purpose?2020-10-21T08:55:49-04:00

Our purpose is to strengthen our role as a vital hub for connecting minority business owners and entrepreneurs with the resources needed to assist them in growing their enterprise and creating new economic opportunities and job growth all throughout the First State.

We are more than a business as usual membership organization. We are the best friend and partner of our members, working exclusively on their behalf and providing the assistance and support they need. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact in the community with all our members.

What is DEBCC’s Mission2020-10-21T08:43:57-04:00

Our mission is to support the initiatives of minority business owners and foster an enterprise that focuses on success and viability. We endeavor to create awareness and visibility of our efforts at local, state, and federal levels through lobbying and advocacy. We strive to provide access to education and training that keeps minority business owners in step with the ever-changing requirements of Delaware’s economic playing field.

Is the DEBCC Licensed in Delaware?2022-04-04T09:21:19-04:00

Yes. The DEBCC is a legal registered entity in the State of Delaware, in good standing.
The DEBCC became a legal entity on July 27, 2020.

Is the DEBCC part of the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC)?2020-10-20T09:42:01-04:00

The DEBCC operations are independent of the NBCC, however, we follow their by-laws and strategic plan closely. Joining the National Black Chambers provides us with a platform to engage, educate and empower, established businesses, business owners, as well as future entrepreneurs. We commit our resources of people, time, information and capital toward providing opportunities that create wealth and equity within our communities.

Does the DEBCC advocate on political issues?2020-10-21T08:54:02-04:00

At the DEBCC, we do not take a partisan position on political issues. We do advocate for policy issues that affect our membership base and advance the common good for small minority-owned Delaware businesses, and we remain steadfast in our mission.

Is the DEBCC limited to only minority owned businesses?2020-10-20T09:44:13-04:00

No. DEBCC membership is all-inclusive, and is open to everyone, regardless of race, gender, color, creed, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. The DEBCC celebrates the diversity of its membership. Together, we can provide the necessary assistance and support system and instill a sense of pride in the Black business community.

How do I learn more?2020-10-20T09:46:37-04:00

Contact us by email: email@debcc.org or by Telephone: 302.709.1708.

The Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce will not sell your contact or email information. In order to serve your request, our office only shares information with chamber member businesses who can provide you with additional information.

How do I become a member?2020-10-20T09:48:24-04:00

Visit our website at www.debcc.org.

Our mission is to support the initiatives of Black business owners and foster an enterprise that focuses on success and viability.

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