Small Business

for economic mobility
To win in the marketplace, win in the workplace

August 14 – September 25

Increased Job Satisfaction. Long Term Impact

For businesses located in Delaware

Economic mobility and opportunity (EMO) refers to the ability of individuals or groups of people to change their economic status over time—in other words, to pursue the American Dream. In this moment, when many minority entrepreneurs are losing faith in the American Dream, Interise is dedicated to increasing EMO for entrepreneurs, their employees, and their communities.

As a small business owner, you understand that a strong workplace culture leads to greater business success. That’s because when employees are satisfied with their jobs, they develop more experience and skills, are better engaged, and tend to stay—translating into a more efficient, productive workforce that ultimately benefits the bottom line. To help you cultivate dynamic, engaged personnel, Interise is pleased to offer the Small Business STRONGER for Economic Mobility program.

Are you ready to propel your business to new heights and achieve
greater economic mobility for yourself and your employees?

To help you cultivate dynamic, engaged personnel, Interise is pleased to offer a new high-impact Small Business STRONGER program: Leading Through the Lens of Economic Mobility.

For this learning opportunity, Interise has partnered with the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce to offer an in-person workshop followed by a virtual series of five economic mobility workshops. This course is designed to help you institute workforce development practices based on proven Economic Mobility & Opportunity (EMO) principles.

Session Title


Workshop (In Person) August 14 from from 9:30-12:30
HOME LLC, 108 Patriot Drive, Suite A, Middletown, DE 19709
Session 1: Leading People for Business Success  Aug 21
Virtual from 9:30-11AM
Session 2: Creating Good Jobs Creates Business Success Aug 28
Virtual from 9:30-11AM
Session 3: Creating A Competitive Workforce September 11
Virtual from 9:30-11AM
Session 4: Serving The Needs of Employees September 18
Virtual from 9:30-11AM
Session 5: Child Care and Job Security   September 25
Virtual from 9:30-11AM